SEO Climbing Google


climbing google hertsSome of the most attractive, user friendly websites on the internet get very little traffic. It is sad that some companies spend so much on feature rich websites yet so little on promoting the website. If your website is not optimised for search engines and then no time is spent promoting it then your chances of success are low. It’s a bit like Waitrose opening a new shop in the middle of a remote forest but not telling anyone of its existence! The food and service might be great but probably very few customers.

We understand the importance of creating sites that are coded to the highest standards so that your website can compete. Depending on the size of your company, what you are selling or promoting and how competitive your industry is,we will advise on the type of SEO campaign that is suitable for you. Sometimes small companies can accomplish incredible search engine results just by applying our free advice.


Top Tips for D.I.Y Search engine optimisation.

  1. Search engine optimisation is critical for Google to list your website. The very minimum you should do is add your website to Google business listings.
  2. Use a combination of on site and off site SEO. It's doubtful you'll get favourable results doing one without the other.
  3. Start SEO today! Even if your website isn't quite 'live' but you know your domain name, start listing your website on free online directories.
  4. Look at your competition. Run an inbound Google links checker tool on your competition websites to check just how much work is required. Also look at the sort of content they are adding and the quantity of it.
  5. However, all websites are different. Just because a particular strategy works for one company it won't necessarily work for another.
  6. SEO is expensive! - actually it doesn't need to be. This is especially true for small businesses, sole business proprieters should realistically be able to achieve page one Google rankings with some time and effort for no charge whatsoever.
  7. Be patient with SEO. You're working for the future but the googd news is that the more good quality content you add to your website and the more regularly, Google will check (crawl) your website more regularly too!
  8. If your website is brand new, you'll need to be extra patient. It's unrealistic to expect to instantly be ahead of established websites. You need to be in SEO for the long haul.
  9. Your website is never finished. If you haven't got a blog or news section on your website please ask us for a quote to add one.
  10. Move with Google. To retain good Google rankings you'll need to adapt your web pages to compliment Google's algorythm changes.
  11. You no longer need to add your site to Google. The most important thing is to add your site to online directories and create quality inbound links and Google will find your website.
  12. Don't take our word for it. Utilise Google's Webmaster Guidelines and Webmaster Help Videos.
  13. Don’t annoy Google. Make sure you only link with quality websites and don't stuff too many key words on a page. It was once possible to fool search engines like this but their algorythms have become so advanced that they'll spot 'black hat' SEO and penalise your website.
  14. Ignorance with your SEO is no defence. Google won't remove any penalties received for black hat SEO becuase you unkowingly employed an unscrupulous web developer or so called 'SEO expert'
  15. Use Google Webmaster Tools. We can add the relevant code to your website.
  16. Set-up and use Google Analytics. This will give you an idea what key words your website is performing well for.
  17. Set-up a Google+. This will show Google that you are serious.
  18. Don't be a one trick pony with marketing. Google is becomming ever more powerful to provide you with customers but don't neglect other sources of marketing like trade shows or leaflets etc.
  19. If you can't wait for organic SEO. Use a Google pay per click campaign.
  20. Avoid low quality backlinks. If an online directory isn't on page one or two of Google for 'online directory' it might be an idea to give it a miss.