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For Bespoke Web Design Hertford prices start at less than £500!

If you believe you have found a better value for money web developer please let us know.

The county town of Hertfordshire or Herts is Hertford. It has been almost the size it is now since the Roman conquest and still has a regular market. If you live in or near Hertford and require an outstanding value website please use our free web design quote

You may have just read the above information and thought it strange that a web design company would bother to write about a town. The reason for this is to help Google find us! If we were almost any company other than a website design company we wouldn't necessarily feel the need to produce a page like this but as you can imagine the competitiveness within our industry of the search terms we want to be listed for is vast.



Business Website
  • Flexible page amount
  • Bespoke design - totally unique
  • Content management system
  • All work undertaken in house
  • One Year FREE website hosting
  • Search engine friendly
  • Automated contact form
  • Linked to your favoured social networks
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Tested for all popular browsers
  • FREE domain name
  • Email addresses of your choice
  • Latest programming technologies used
  • Logo design or improvement

The perfect new business choice




Online Shop
  • Flexible product quantities
  • Add your own categories
  • Multiple product question - size, colour etc
  • Customer discount promotions
  • UK and worldwide shipping
  • Information brochure style pages
  • Bespoke, individual design
  • One page checkout
  • FREE domain name
  • One Year FREE website hosting
  • Search engine friendly
  • Automated contact form
  • Social networking, e.g twitter feed
  • All the email addresses you'll need
  • HTML 5 & CSS3 website
  • Mobile device ready

A very comprehensive package



Advanced website development
Whether you are an existing client requiring further development or a new client with a complex requirement, we are here to help. responsive website screensWe can produce database intensive websites from your initial instruction and  pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We are also happy to provide free advice wherever possible so please don't hesitate to get in touch!



The latest local website for Broadoak Flooring:

Our Graphic and website design services often include the following:

- Bespoke logo creation and Corporate Identity
- Web page design from a brief
- Customised JavaScript and Flash functionality
- Photo-Editing and Re-touching
- Site creation from existing Artwork
- Design For Print




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Common Design Mistakes

All Designers and web developers make mistakes from time to time and let''s face it, they wouldn''t me human if they didn''t. We at pinkriver web design in Bishops stortford would also have to admit to the odd mistake along the way but thankfully we always put the mistakes right and rarely make the same mistakes twice. I think the most important thing is to always try to draw a positive from the situation and asses what one has learned!

"I didn''t fail, I just succeeded in learning another way that wasn''t right" Thomas Edison

With that in mind I''d like to take a look at some of the most popular (if that''s the right word) mistakes made within our industry:


Common Mistake 1: Sticking to a tried and tested working process to the detriment of the project.

I think it''s fair to say that most web design companies have a standard procedure for processing their work. We certainly do and have honed our working procedure over many years.
However, problems can start to arise when companies get so regimented by their working procedure that they fail to see the wood for the tree''s.
I have literally lost count of the amount of clients that have come to us from another web developer because the web developer was so stringent with their working schedule that they wouldn''t
spend some tweaking time to the design because half an hours extra work word exceed their job specification estimate. Surely this is insanity?

Bad and inflexible work scheduling is very common in our industry and I''ve certainly witnessed it in a company I used to work for. If you stick to closely to predesignated person hours for because you don''t want the time taken to design a homepage to run into the time you have allocated for programming, you may be missing the bigger picture. Let''s face it, some projects are more design intensive and some are more programming intensive. It is the art of a good works scheduler to recognise this and adapt their approach accordingly.


Common web design mistake 2: Not thinking like the client.

It''s all very well growing up with computers and then gaining your degree with honours from the London University Art but if you are unable to sometimes speak in understandable language to clients then you cannot call yourself an effective website developer.

We know you''ll be very pleasantly surprised at our design fees. Contact us today for a no obligation quote.


Cameron Communications: 

journalist website herts


A few geeky points that might be of some interest:

The clients hosting had 'magic quotes' turned off. this can be a particular problem with Joomla websites but is easily repaired with a line of code in the htaccess file or failing that the php.ini file.

To provide search engine friendly url's without the annoying 'index.php' prefix the 'htaccess.txt' file was change to '.htaccess' and seach engine friendly ur''s enabled within the joomla super administrator admin area.

To enable easy upload of plugins for future development the root path of the website was added to the configuration file.

While developing websites we make sure to tell the search engines not to list or follow the site by editing the robots file. When the site is ready to go 'live' the robots file is then edited to the correct settings.

Here are just a couple of websites we have recently created for clients in and around the Herts area:

Scrubbers cleaning website Hertford:

PinkRiver was recently asked to create a website for Scrubbers Cleaning, you can view their website here: Cleaning Company Herts
They already had a website covering Bishop's Stortford but found they weren't getting enough clicks from people who searched for terms like:
Web design Hertford or Website design Herts.
They are now showing high Google search results without any concerted SEO effort!

clening company herts
The client was eager to have a changing image on their homepage. We used the very reliable 'Slideshow CK' plugin which is also very good for responsive layouts.
For the contact form we used 'ai contactsafe' which is very reliable and easy to configure. The only thing you must make sure is that you don't add the 'www' prefix within your configuration.php file as this will stop the form from appearing.

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Jane Murphy Homeopathy, web design Hertford:

homeopathy services in herts

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Customers will receive a personalised login area so they can edit their website themselves. Extra login areas can be created on request with varying editing privileges. For instance, if you have an online shop you might want to allow someone to update the blog / news section but not have control over the products. 

Carpentry Herts


All Websites from Pink River come with the following as standard:

  • 301 Redirect of non 'www' to 'www'
  • Inteligent page titles with SEO in mind.
  • Page content advice
  • SEO friendly URL's
  • Mobile friendly (responsive layouts on request)
  • Content management system - CMS
  • Correct naming of H1 - H6 tags.
  • Google font options


Case Study: Inventory Wise website Hertford

A new company contacted us they specialize in creating property inventories for landlords and tenants alike. They have many years experience in the property market and wanted a professional website which could attain fast Google rankings for local search results. They Googled 'Web Design Hertford' and after looking at our portfolio decided to use Pink River Responsive web design.

Here is the logo they had when they came to us 'A' and the one we created for them based on their idea 'B' owl

Within 1 month of us finishing the project and the website going 'live' it was appearing on the first page of Google for the search term 'property inventory Bishop's Stortford'
This is mainly due to the superior programming and out of the box search engine optimization techniques we employ. We also gave the client a few tips about creating inbound links.
We are firmly of the belief that companies wishing to achieve success for local Google search results needn't pay for Search engine Optimisation (SEO). Time and time again we create websites for local people in Hertford and achieve fantastic Search engine results purely by mindful content management and and page naming.

If you would like to visit the website see here:

screenshot of inventory wise website

If you would like a free web design quote or a trouble shooting appraisal please get in touch