Some of the most attractive, user friendly websites on the internet get very little traffic. It is sad that some companies spend so much on feature rich websites yet so little on promoting the website. If your website is not optimised for search engines and then no time is spent promoting it then your chances of success are low. It’s a bit like Waitrose opening a new shop in the middle of a remote forest but not telling anyone of its existence! The food and service might be great but probably very few customers.

We understand the importance of creating sites that are coded to the highest standards so that your website can compete. Depending on the size of your company, what you are selling or promoting and how competitive your industry is,we will advise on the type of SEO campaign that is suitable for you. Sometimes small companies can accomplish incredible search engine results just by applying our free advice.




Web design isn’t all about how visually interesting the site is, it’s equally important that the site is easily navigable so that your clients can move around the website with ease and find what they are looking for!

The Pink River design team work closely from your initial specification to fulfil our commitment of optimised, user friendly web pages. When we create your site we also make sure that search engine optimisation is taken into consideration at every step and will be happy to advise you further on SEO if you would like.

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