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Developing Your Brand
A brand is something that is developed from the initial vision of the client and brought to reality by us. It is designed to evoke feelings in potential clients and help them remember what you stand for. The continuity of a brand is also very important in developing customer trust. In fact, studies have shown that e-commerce customers are far more likely to spend time on a website looking for something that may not even exist on that particular website if the brand is trusted.
Most people these days know what a logo is and there is no shortage of inspiration for our clients to draw upon so they can supply us with a project brief. We like to work closely with our clients in the development of their corporate identity and we always hold to the belief that we are not satisfied until the customer is satisfied with the end result. We have even been known to disagree with customers when they say the logo is 'good to go' and have succesfully persuaded them to take our advice.
Our logo and branding service is based on many years of experience not only in website design but in the print and graphic design industry. This means that if you have your website with us and would like to diversify into advertising hoardings or vehicle livery design, you don't have to find another company. We can do it all.
We are aware that start up businesses often suffer from cash flow problems and although they realise they require a logo that will work for them, they don't always have the necessary funding to afford a professional logo. We can work within a wide range of budgets so we can advise our clients on the best way forward and pride ourselves on value for money.

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