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We are experts at website design. A bold statement, but after so many years in the industry, we feel we can say that.
We have experience in creating websites for small start-up businesses, right up to blue chip companies. Most of our websites are based around the award-winning Joomla content management system which we prefer to the more fashionable Wordpress CMS. Our reason for this is that we find it more flexible when creating complex user-oriented websites. The other main reason is that we find Joomla to be a very secure piece of software, which of course is very important in the current climate of cyber security.
Our web design process has been described by one client as painless. We like to outline what we propose to create and then do it! This is because we know that as a client the thing that frustrates you the most is lack of clarity and not feeling that you can contact us regularly.
We are lucky to have many long standing clients that come back for the special Pink River service and pride ourselves on never putting a website 'live' until the customer is 100% happy.


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